At DataSmith, we employ the services of a female designer for many of our color combinations that we use.  Her choices will certainly fit the "mood" you want in your web design, while catching the eye of all visitors.
About DataSmith

DataSmith Systems was started by two programmers who were working for Jaguar Cars North America back in 1993.  They wanted to design websites with some pizazz, instead of the typical dull web pages available at that time.  And so they put their programming skills to use, making interactive sites.

As time has passed, other freelance members have contributed their individual skills to our efforts, including a Houston, Texas graphic designer, a second local designer who has created digital logos for many prominent firms in the area, and other programmers.  These are all people who trade skills with DataSmith people as needed to create a compelling and interesting website for you that will meet your every need.

original solarflare design by rhuk
lunarized by joomlashack